Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

I read 113 books in 2010!

Since I'm an accountant, here is my year in a nutshell by the numbers:

Challenges completed: 12
Ongoing challenge: 1 (Georgette Heyer)

Books read for my in person book club: 12
Books read for my online book club: 5

5 star books: 13
4 star books: 58
3 star books: 30
2 star books: 9
Unrated: 3

Books I purchased: 36
Books from publishers/publicists: 10
Books that were gifts: 4
Books from the library: 32
Books from BookMooch: 23
Books I borrowed: 8

Adult books: 50
YA books: 36
Middle grade: 20
Juvenile: 7

Nonfiction: 14

My favorite 13 books are starred:
Tomorrow I'll post about my goals for next year.
Happy New Year!


    Joann said...

    What a great year for you! Hope this one is just as good for ya!

    Veens said...

    I hope the next year is full of awesomeness for you :D

    StephTheBookworm said...

    You read a lot of books! Great job!