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Fire Fire by Kristin Cashore

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Award: Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2009

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Fire is Kristin Cashore's companion book to Graceling and takes place about 30 years prior. For me, there really was no need to make them companion books with one cross-over character. Instead, I really liked this book entirely for what it is by itself. In Fire, Cashore has created a tangibly exotic world with well-drawn characters and a suspenseful plot.

Fire is a seventeen year old woman who lives in the northern part of the kingdom. She is a fiddler, a horsewoman, and a pretty decent archer. She's also the last of the human monsters--half human, half monster--in a world where monsters have indescribable beauty and are both revered and hated. Fire has the ability to read minds and to alter the way people think and feel. But because of her past, she refuses to use her powers until the kingdom is threatened and those she loves are in the greatest danger.

I liked this book even better than Graceling.  I think Cashore does a fabulous job putting the reader right into the action and helping us understand the personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and emotions of the characters. I thought Fire was a great heroine but I also loved the different men in her life and the complex relationships she had with each of them. There was enough romance in this book to keep me turning pages far too late into the night. Because of sexual themes and violence, I would recommend this book for high school age and up.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I loved this book as well and like you I enjoyed it even more than Graceling. You are right it doesn't need to be a companion book at all, the story is so vastly different and it was easy to guess who the cross over character was. Great review!

Shweta said...

I loved Graceling but looks like I will like this more :) Wonderful review and I can't wait to read this one

Corinne said...

Loved it, loved it.

Sarah said...

I like Fire. But I personally loved Graceling more.