Saturday, January 2, 2010

Weekly Household Reads

For the new year, I thought I would bring a new feature to my blog. Every so often (maybe every week - we'll see how it goes!) I'm going to make an update with what everyone else in my house has been reading.

So here goes!

The Husband is reading The Shadow Rising (WoT #4) by Robert Jordan in his quest to re-read the entire Wheel of Time series so he can read the latest installment, The Gathering Storm. I also picked up Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin and Queste (Septimus Heap #4) by Angie Sage at the library for him.

Coco (age 9) read Sam Samurai and Oh Say, I Can't See from the Time Warp Trio series by Jon Scieszka. She also finished The Forest of Secrets (Warriors #3) by Erin Hunter and she is on to the fourth book. Coco loves graphic novels and she picked up The StoneKeeper's Curse this week at the library and enjoyed this second book in the Amulet series.

CJ (age 7) read Bakugan's A Brand-New Brawl, The Chariot of Queen Zara (Secrets of Droon #27) and Pokemon's Save the Shieldon.

JB (age 5) and I read The Heart of a Snowman by Eugene Yelchin together. I think CJ enjoyed it a little more than JB did. I actually found it a little creepy, but the overall message is that snowmen melt because they get hearts that warm them when they are built with love by little boys.

Sassy (age 3) and I read The Real Mother Goose Classic Sing-Along Rhymes which has cute lift-the-flaps. She also got Dora the Explorer's Puppy Takes a Bath in her stocking.


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I am reading the first book in the Wheel of Time Challenge now and am loving it. It's outside of my normal fare, but I will be curious to see if I am compelled to continue on to the next book.

Suey said...

Your husband and I have the exact same Wheel of Time goal. Cool.