Saturday, May 16, 2009

Challenges Update

I recently completed the Support Your Local Library Challenge. I decided to read 25 library books because last year I didn't read 50 from the library. Now, I'm wondering if I should have gone for the big 50, but I am resolving to read more of the books I have on my shelf. Otherwise, I really can't justify my trips to bookstores, library book sales, Bookmooch, or the used bookstore. But, since the title of my blog is Library Queue after all, and I am a librarian, I am going to mentally keep track of how many more library books I read this year, even if not for the challenge.

Here are the 25 challenge books I got from the library:
  1. Every Soul a Star
  2. 84, Charing Cross Road
  3. Belong to Me
  4. Garden Spells
  5. A Poisoned Season
  6. Very Valentine
  7. A Fatal Waltz
  8. Hush
  9. Hattie Big Sky
  10. The Geography of Bliss
  11. The House on Tradd Street
  12. The Help
  13. Among the Mad
  14. Banker to the Poor
  15. The Adoration of Jenna Fox
  16. Wake
  17. Poison Study
  18. Unwind
  19. The Season
  20. 11 Birthdays
  21. Perfect You
  22. Magic Study
  23. Miss Buncle's Book
  24. Fire Study
  25. The Blue Castle

I am joining Maggie's Southern Reading Challenge again this year. My three possible book choices are:
  1. Gone With the Wind
  2. Southern Ladies & Gentlemen
  3. Plantation
I rarely stick to these lists. But, I do have good intentions!

Finally, I joined the New Author Challenge. The challenge is to read 50 books by new authors during the year. I decided to start counting now, but if I don't make it to my 50 by December, I know I read at least 30 new authors before starting the challenge. I'm interested to see how I far I get!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the Support Your Local Library Challenge! I really want to read THE HELP. :)

Lynn said...

If you're looking for more southern ideas, check out Cold Sassy Tree, so good. And I liked Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Oh! I love Cold Sassy Tree! I just finished my New Author Challenge, but I only chose to do 25. I'm 1/2 way through the Library challenge; I chose 25 for that, too. So far only a few overlap.
I am wondering if there is a way for my book reviews from my regular blog to automatically go to my Book Blogs page. Or a button to click or something? Thanks in advance for getting back to me!

Sharon said...

Great list! I am reading The Help now for the Southern Reading Challenge. The Study books are on my wish list.