Thursday, March 6, 2008


This is a fun and potentially very useful website I found through a library-related blog I read. You can view entire children's books online (the quality is gorgeous) to read with your kids or help you make decisions about what books to purchase/get from the library. There is also a bookshelf element similar to Goodreads or Shelfari to collect your favorites and share your collection with others. If you like children's books, check it out!


Booklogged said...

Such a terrific site. Thanks, Tricia, for sharing that. I bought A Grandpa For Sale because it looked so cute. I couldn't read the words, but I could imagine from the pictures. It's going to be so fun reading it to my grandkids.

Tricia said...

Booklogged: I looked through the book you bought. How totally cute!!

Rae said...

I have a HUGE weakness for children's books. Thanks for sharing this great site! I have bookmarked it and will definitely frequent it often!