Saturday, February 2, 2008

Library Lovers Meme

I found this fun meme on Becky's Book Reviews. How could I resist an ode to my libraries?

How do you plan on celebrating Library Lovers month? By not getting too frustrated when I tell the librarian I have a book on my account that I didn't check out. I'm quite sure it is probably sitting safely on the stacks.

How often do you accidentally spell library as 'libary' when you're in a hurry? Thankfully this is one of those words that Microsoft Word automatically fixes for me. I am blissfully ignorant as to how often I might misspell it. And, being that I am getting a Master's in Library and Information Science, I have cause to type that word quite a bit!

What is the most amount of books you've ever had checked out at one time? At least 50. My library in Tampa let me check out an unlimited number of books. I got through the year 2002 by taking my kids to the library constantly. It was one of the only places I ventured out in public with my two babies.

What is the longest you've ever gone without visiting the library? When I was in high school in England I don't think I went to a library very often, although I do recall having a Crawley Library card. When I moved back as an adult, I did frequent the Crawley Library though quite a bit.

What is the biggest fine you've ever had? Well, paying for a brand new hardcover book that I KNOW I returned was definitely the worst. I try really hard to avoid fines, even driving out in the middle of the night to return books. Something really bugs me about paying fines, even though I know the money goes to support the library and buy new books.

When you go to the library, do you plan ahead and make a list? Or do you browse? I make a list and plan ahead for myself. But I usually stop for a minute and browse at the new books. For the kids, I usually have a couple of things in mind to get for them, but I spend time browsing too while they play.

Have you ever been shushed or hushed by a librarian? I really don't like librarians who shush. I'm sure my kids have been shushed, but I try and do the shushing myself so the librarian knows I'm aware they are being noisy.

What is the worst (against-the-rules) thing you've ever done in the library? Talk on my cell phone.

What's the worst thing you've ever done to a library book? My kids have ripped out pages and I've taped them back in without confessing. I did take in a DVD Jonah ruined and confessed--cost me $20!

Have you ever had a "favorite" librarian? Not really.

If you could change one thing about your library it would be... I just wish I were actually living in Mecklenburg County. I pay $45 a year to be a part of their system because it is bigger than Union County and quite cutting edge in the library world. PLCMC has been referenced quite a bit since I've been in library school. But Union County has the small friendly feel and the library queues aren't as long for popular books. So, I visit both of them every week.


Becky said...

Thanks for playing. I enjoyed reading your answers. I must say I share some of your frustrations. I've definitely been fined for books that I've returned. And I've even found a few on the shelves to say, "see, I told you I returned it!" But it doesn't always work that way :)

nanamoo said...

love the meme

Gramma Seguine said...

I have to admit it has been over 20 years since I went to a library (other than when I took your kids to story time or I had staff committee meetings in Cal High's). But I am okay with that since I have my own "libeary" to read through. And thanks again for Library Thing. I am at least keeping up with new purchases, and I may even get around to entering the other three rooms of books sometime.

Danielle said...

What a fun meme--I hope you don't mind if I borrow it? I love the library and am constantly checking things out. Too bad you have to pay to use a library outside your county, but it's nice having access to more than one, isn't it. I use the library where I work all the time (ILL especially) and also the public library.

Tricia said...

Becky: Yes, I'm gearing up for the "showdown" tomorrow.

Momseguine: Tsk, tsk. You know I love you anyway. And, I'm glad you like LibraryThing.

Danielle: Please, help yourself. I'm sure Becky would love it and I'll enjoy reading your responses.