Friday, August 15, 2008

Southern Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Thank you Maggie for hosting the Southern Reading Challenge! I really enjoyed this challenge. I got lots of ideas from other readers for future reads and I also came across this list from my library which have even more possibilities as Southern reads. All of the books I read were set in the past, but I would like to read some more modern-day stuff.

My three books were:

1. The Widow of the South
2. Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man
3. Gap Creek: The Story of a Marriage

I liked Daisy Fay the best and Gap Creek the least. Widow of the South was historical fiction set in Tennessee during the Civil War. Daisy Fay was set in Mississippi in the 1950s. Gap Creek was set in North and South Carolina from 1899 to 1900.

Reading these has not only been fun, but it has also been educational for me. I still consider myself pretty new to the South, but it is where we are planning on raising our kids. So I want to be considerate of the heritage and history of this part of the country because this is where we want the roots of our legacy to be.


Jena said...

I took a Southern Women Writers course when I was in grad school, and I found that having read Florence King's Southern Ladies & Gentlemen helped me appreciate the archetypes in Southern books (plus, King is absolutely hilarious). Before you take on any more of the South in print, I high recommend reading King's book first.

Tricia said...

Jena: Just added it to my TBR. It looks great! Thanks for the recommendation.

nanamoo said...

Our book club read Daisy Fae. We had such an interesting discussion about things that happened to us growing up, that probably wouldn't happen nowadays. Even the younger members of the club! One of our book club members that was born in Florida said that she WAS Daisy Fae and another said that it was very typical of her mom's life. Like another member, I was very protected growing up and it was a good read to me before I go back to school remembering that some students are living like Daisy now, in spite of the fact that we are at least 50 years on.

Anonymous said...

I love Southern literature! One of my favorite authors in Ferrol Sams - I recommend starting with Run With the Horsemen.

____Maggie said...

And the count 4 - 3 - 2 - ! I bet you are glad you only had to read three! Bummer!

Thanks for joining and playing along. Maybe next year? ;D

Tricia said...

Maggie: Most definitely!