Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

rating: 3 of 5 stars


There are almost no spoilers in this review, but read at your own risk anyway.

So, I didn't love it. But, I didn't hate it either. It was shocking and predictable. Shocking because what I thought was going to take up the whole book, only took 140 pages (which were my favorite pages I should add). Predictable because once I realized what the bulk of the book was going to be about, I figured out the ending while I still had about 400 pages to go.

I liked Bella better (finally a little self-confidence and initiative girlfriend) and liked Edward worse (grow a spine man). Stephenie Meyer should not be allowed to name her own characters, she writes sexual tension much better than sex, and the "science" she used to explain everything was laughingly contrived. The ending was totally anti-climatic and sickeningly perfect.

I felt like Stephenie Meyer played too much to her fans in giving them what they wanted and the whole thing was just a little weird. Twilight was the right amount of weird for me I guess, and this just pushed me over the edge.

Having said all that, I really wanted to finish the book (although I wasn't glued to my seat). Meyer is a good storyteller and I did feel the book moved along at a fairly good pace. I love the different personalities inherent in the Cullen family and the new dynamics that showed up this time around.

If she writes more in this series beyond Midnight Sun, I will read it. But nothing holds a candle to Twilight.


Lynn said...

I felt the same way, it was as if she tried too hard to make everyone (fans) happy. I also felt that she spent too much time on some parts, and glossed over othes. I had to just push on through, complaining to Eric as I went. Still, it was a quick 750 page read, done with in two afternoons.

Sarah McBride said...

wow you were generous.
It will be interesting what everyone ahs to say about it at book club.

Tricia said...

sarah--i did struggle between a 2 and 3 rating. usually when that happens i go with the latter. i did have a lot of complaints but it wasn't a chore to finish and i did want to read it. i agree, it will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks. i loved that you said R's name was an abomination...he he he.

Stephanie said...

I think that Twilight and Breaking Dawn were two of the strongest books in the series and really enjoyed reading both (and was blown away by the topsy-turvy storyline in Breaking Dawn.

Tricia said...

Stephanie--I do think that Meyer knows how to weave a great story and there was something for everyone in this series for sure.

Corinne said...

I agree with this comment you made:

i did have a lot of complaints but it wasn't a chore to finish and i did want to read it.

That's why I gave it three stars. I did want to finish it, but MAN. Lots of frustration.