Friday, September 19, 2008

I ♥ Your Blog

My talented friend Sarah (who recommended The Weaver Takes a Wife--she's so awesome!) gave me this award.

Thank you Sarah!

I would love to pass this award along to:

1. Bethany of B&b ex libris
2. Corinne of The Book Nest
3. Melissa of The Book Nut
4. Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin?
5. Becky from Becky's Book Reviews
6. Anna from Diary of an Eccentric
7. Mrs. B from The Insatiable Reader

Here are the rules for the nominees: 1) Add the logo of the award to your blog 2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you 3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs 4) Add links to those blogs on your blog 5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!


Corinne said...

YIPPEE! You just made my day friend :)

trish said...

You ROCK! Mwah! Thank you so much, you've totally made my weekend bright and cheery. I'll post about it soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! This is my first EVER bloggy award. I love it. You made my day. :) Really.

I'll be posting about it soon. So sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!! This really made my day!!

Serena said...

Congrats to all the blogs. Anna especially, she deserves it. I'm not biased...honest!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

Thanks sweetness!! :) You rock!