Monday, September 17, 2007

Book News

My mom alerted me to the wonderful news that Nancy Turner's third book in the Sarah Agnes Prine series is out. Considering that These is My Words is definitely on my top 10 favorite book list, I am thrilled. Some libraries have not gotten their orders in yet, so be sure to get in the queue.

And a sad day for my husband and other sci-fi/fantasy fans out there. Robert Jordan passed away yesterday leaving the #12 book in the Wheel of Time series unfinished. Wikipedia states:
Due to his health problems, Jordan did not work at full force on the final installment, but blog entries confirmed that he continued work on it until his death, and he shared all of the significant plot details with his family not long before he died.


Melanie said...

Wohooo! I'm so excited. I'm just finishing the Big Stone Gap series, so I'll happily go back to this one!

Kayla said...

I've read Sarah's Quilt and have These Is My Words requested at our library, and this one will be next on my list. Thanks for the tip.

Cherylyn said...

YAY!!! I had no idea another one was coming out! I want to start the Big Stone Gap series too. I need to do lots of reading!