Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read-a-thon Update #4

Well, six hours to go and I still haven't slept yet. This last hour has been tough and I might need a little cat nap here in a little bit.

I just finished reading Life As We Knew It. I have read 937 pages so far and have finished 4 books. I think The Midwife's Apprentice is the next book on my pile.

Thanks for the comments and cheerleading!

Give Me Five Meme

This meme asks us to list five favorite children's books. These aren't necessarily my all-time favorites, but here are five I love:
  1. Love You Forever
  2. Knuffle Bunny
  3. I Love You, Stinky Face
  4. Goodnight Moon
  5. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?


Anonymous said...

Take rest , it ll recharge u and u ll get lot more reading done..The kids books meme was fun..Keep going

Aarti said...

Wow, 937 pages is really impressive. I think I read about 400 :-) And am ready to hit the sack. Good work, and best wishes for this last stretch!

Leslie said...

You're doing a wonderful job, keep it up!

Lenore said...

I'm impressed by your progress - and that you are still awake! Go go go!

Staci said...

You've done great and you deserve some sleep!! I loved Life As We Knew It-scared me and Midwife's Apprentice rocks!!

Cheering you on!

Britt said...

You've been at it a long time!

We love Knuffle Bunny at our house!