Sunday, June 14, 2009

Simple Wishes

Simple Wishes Simple Wishes by Lisa Dale

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rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was headed to the pool Saturday afternoon and decided to take along a relaxing read. Simple Wishes definitely fit the bill. While this book is a romance/women's fiction/chick-lit book, there is some serious emotional stuff packed in.

Adele Matin left home as a 17 year old, to make her way in New York City. At age 31, she feels the city has spit her out, and she returns to the cottage in the mountains of Pennsylvania her mother left her when she died. Adele has never come to grips with the smothering control her mother placed on her as a child, withholding her affection and her past life. But living in her mother's home prompts Adele to confront the ghosts of her past.

Along her journey, Adele makes friends with Beatrice, a friend of her mother's. Beatrice acts as a guide along the way, sharing the love of her Korean culture, food, soap operas. Adele also becomes friends with Beatrice's granddaughter who is struggling with the lack of boundaries her mother gives her, in sharp contrast to Adele's upbringing. And, of course, there's the love interest: a rugged, but handsome artist who lives next door. Jay, who is normally reserved and quiet, tries to bring Adele into his world, but she always has one eye on the door.

What I liked:
I liked that Lisa Dale created a book with flawed characters. I actually didn't like Adele or Beatrice all that much, but they make mistakes and that's real. I also liked that Dale developed a story with inter-generational friendship. It was a bit of a stretch at times, but I enjoyed it. I also appreciated that there was less language issues and gratuitous sex in this book than you would find in some chick-lit (notice, I said less, not none).

What bugged me:
Adele and Jay are around the ages of my husband and I, but for some reason they just seemed older than that to me. Some of the things they said and did jarred a little because of that, but I will admit that the book was fairly well-written overall. Also, the cover has absolutely nothing to do with the book. Most of the book takes place in the fall/winter, so I don't know where that cover comes in.

Overall, it was enjoyable, but nothing to write home about. A fairly predictable, easy read.

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bermudaonion said...

This might be a good one for the beach, but I think I'll skip it. I love the cover - too bad it doesn't fit the book.