Friday, June 26, 2009


Seek Seek by Paul Fleischman

Book 71 of 100 for the 100+ Reading Challenge
Awards: SLJ Best Book; ALA Notable/Best Books; Horn Book Fanfare; Children's Literature Choice; Junior Library Guild Selection; NY Publ. Library Best Books for the Teen Age; YALSA Best Books for YA

rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rob was raised by his mother and grandparents near Berkeley, California. His dad, a DJ, left when he was born because he did not feel he was ready to raise a child. However, he leaves Rob with a recording of himself which Rob listens to faithfully. As he grows up, Rob becomes obsessed with AM/FM radio--building radios, listening to the radio, always seeking for his father. When he is in high school, his teacher gives a class assignment to write an autobiography, and naturally Rob decides to write a radio play.

I loved watching Rob transform from boy to man. His insights about life and those he loves comes through so beautifully in the snippets of his life he includes in his story. I also loved the clever inclusion of radio announcers from all over the world with their infusion of music styles. My only real complaint is that with 52 characters included, I did occasionally get a little lost about who was speaking. But, I would love to see or hear this performed!

Paul Fleischman, of Joyful Noise fame, hits a home run with this book. I would recommend it for teenagers and adults. It would also be a great choice for reluctant male readers because of the unique format.


Shona said...

The theme of the book is good. I have added it to my ever increasing pile of TBR..

bermudaonion said...

Wow, 52 characters is a lot, but the book does sound good.

Stephanie said...

"The Reluctant Male Reader". Loved that line! My son is finally starting to read a lot more, but I might just pick this one up to see if he's interested. Sounds really good to me!

Nice review! Thanks!