Monday, February 25, 2008

The Next Thing on My List

This is my book club's book for March. I was able to get it quickly from the library, and it was a quick and easy read. It was light and fluffy--what I would classify as chicklit.

The story follows June Parker, a 30-something who works for LA's Rideshare program. June is in a car accident with Marissa, whom she met at Weight Watchers, and Marissa dies. June barely knows the woman, but she feels tremendous guilt. June finds a piece of paper among Marissa's belongings that she had hoped to complete before her next birthday. She sets out to complete the rest of the things on Marissa's list and, in the process, finds herself.

All in all, I would say I liked it for the type of book that it is. It serves as a good reminder to live life with a purpose, but mostly it was just pure fun. Be aware there is a smattering of colorful words and phrases throughout the book, although it was certainly better than most books in this genre in that regard.


Corinne said...

Was your book club able to have some good discussion about it? What's your book club like? Sorry if you posted about it elsewhere :)

Tricia said...

Corinne: We meet this week, so I'll let you know. Our book club is a group of LDS women, sometimes as few as 4 or as many as 13. We did away with the Enrichment Book Club so we don't have to worry about church-related issues. Thankfully, we are all open-minded and have read a wide range of stuff. I've seen the Sequestered Nook mentioned here and there. Do you like it?

Corinne said...

Yeah, my in-person one isn't an enrichment one either - although we're all from the same ward :)

I do LOVE the Sequestered Nook. It's a great community of different kinds of people (mostly women, but we do have a participating husband!), besides the fact that we really get into the books we read. If you're interested, you should just join and see what you think!! The nice thing is that the books are always there to discuss, so you participate each month as much or little as you can. We'd love to have you :)