Monday, February 18, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Thank you Shanda for getting this book off my TBR list and into my hands! I read this one on vacation this weekend with my husband. It is the perfect light read for a long weekend.

The story follows Georgia, a single mother, who owns a yarn boutique in Manhattan. On Friday nights a group of women, old and young, come together in the store to work on their projects, and become friends. They see each other through life's up and downs, and despite their varied backgrounds, form a bond that can't be broken.

It was kind of obvious that this was Kate Jacobs' first novel. The beginning was a little rough, her transitions were not-so-smooth, but she told a good story and I was emotionally invested in (some of, but not all) the characters. And, if you happen to knit (which I don't) I would say you should definitely check it out.


Booklogged said...

This one sounds similar to Debbie Macomber's Yarn Shop, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not a knitter, but the story sounds like it would be good anyway.

You mentioned on my blog that you didn't think you could ever catch up with all the books I read. I am probably 25 or so years older than you so that gives me an unfair headstart, don't you think? My children are finally grown up so I have more reading time. Truth to tell I didn't start really reading until my kids were teenagers and that was kind of a hit or miss thing in those days.

Sometimes I feel like I'll never get to read all the books people are recommending, but I write down the ones that sound good then I try to find them at the local, small town library. That eliminates a lot. Then I try bookmooching them. Many times I just can't get hold of some of the books I want to read. The lists do help me read fewer books that are duds. The quality of reading has improved greatly with suggestions from others.

Besides - we know it's not a race. If it was I'd have to go back to having 4 children at home and being in the PTA. YIKEs! I like the idea that to everything there is a time and a season under heaven. It's your season to raise kids, its my season to read books.

Tricia said...

Booklogged: Advice well taken. I'm definitely looking forward to having more time to read in the future. And, I'm so grateful for blogs like yours. I agree that the duds are definitely fewer and farther between.

Starr said...

I started this one day while I was with the kids at the library. I just couldn't get it. But, since you got me to read "Austenland" after my initial refusal, maybe I should give it another look :)

Tricia said...

Starr: Oh dear, pressure's on. I would give this book a 3 stars out of 5. Meaning, I liked it and enjoyed it. I kind of felt myself getting into the characters the same way I imagine people get into soap opera characters.

Suzy said...

I just picked this one up at Target the other day. I am anxious to get to it. I was hoping to read it on my weekend away but found myself busy doing other things.

Stephanie said...

When the author of this book called into my book club to discuss THe Friday Night Knitting Club, one of the questions we asked was why there were some many issues and characters that she wrote about all in one book. Her answer was that she didn't know whether or not she would get another book deal, so might as well tackle the tough subjects now! She was really nice on the phone and we were so glad to talk to an actual author. Glad you enjoyed this book.

Tricia said...

Suzy: You are very crafty, so I would love to see what you think of it.

Stephanie: Very cool you got a call-in. And, what a great question. That does explain things!