Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

Still on my Bill Bryson kick, I decided to check out the LARGE PRINT version of I'm a Stranger Here Myself so I didn't have to wait in the queue. I've decided that reading large print is kind of like watching a black and white movie--you just don't notice it after awhile.

I was super excited to read this book because Bryson lived in England for 20 years, and this book was supposedly his reflections on coming back to America. What I found out when I opened the book is that this is really a collection of newspaper articles he wrote for a British newspaper about American life. And mostly, he doesn't seem too pleased with it. Even his British wife complained that all he ever does is gripe. Not that I disagree with his reflections, it's just that I don't want to read about them one after the other.

There were some pretty humorous moments. The chapter entitled Your Tax Form Explained was a particular highlight for me. But overall, I think I'm Bryson'd out for a bit, even though I still want to read In a Sunburned Country (a book about Australia) at some point.

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