Friday, February 6, 2009

Hush: An Irish Princess' Tale

Hush: An Irish Princess' Tale Hush: An Irish Princess' Tale by Donna Jo Napoli

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rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I read Zel by Donna Jo Napoli a couple of years ago and really loved it.  This cover caught my eye, so I decided to read another one of Napoli's fairy tale retellings.  I did not realize, however, that this book is a little different than Zel.  Based on Icelandic legend, Hush tells the story of an Irish princess who is kidnapped by Viking slave traders around 900 AD. 

This book is definitely not the "happily ever after" type. This story pulls no punches about what life may have been like for the unfortunate women and children sold in to slavery during this time period. But, I appreciated that Napoli wanted to stay as true to the legend as possible. Melkorka's life is full of heartbreak and brutality, but she learns how she can make life better for others, even while maintaining a vow of silence.

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Booklogged said...

Sounds like a sad book. Would you recommend it?

Tricia said...

It is kind of sad, but in an interesting way. I think this book is all about expectations. If you know what you are getting into and you are interested in that kind of thing, I would totally recommend it.

Serena said...

wow, i seem to be checking out a lot of reviews of books with sad content. Great review thanks.

Irish said...

Sounds like a compelling a sad and tragic kind of way.