Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guest Post: The Mysterious Receding Seas

When I saw this book come up for review, I knew it was the kind of thing my mom would be interested in. So, here's her take on the book:

Tricia knows that I am interested in various non-fiction theories about the earth. I was excited to read it because it addressed a topic that I had never thought about before.

Guy puts forth his ideas about the seas receding. Basically, ever since Noah and his Ark, the seas have been going down. The explanation for cities like Machu Picchu in the tops of the mountains makes much more sense if you believe that most of the earth was anciently covered with water.

I did not think that this book was very well-written. For me, it lacked the data that I felt essential for this kind of project. I found it quite repetitive from chapter to chapter retelling some of the same observations numerous times. Guy's theory still intrigues me, and I even think that it is plausible. This book needs editing and more scientific evidence to entice me to recommend it to someone else however.

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A very cool review!