Monday, January 14, 2008


The Book: Said to be the thinker's Pride and Prejudice, this is the last book Jane Austen wrote and is said to be her most autobiographical. Not a lot happens in this novel, but it is so interesting to study the psychology of all the characters. Austen's use of wit and irony is at its finest. I love it!

The Movie: I understand you've got to cram a 238 page book into an hour and a half for Masterpiece Theatre. And for the most part I forgave the necessary screenplay alterations. But, Anne running around Bath like a chicken with her head cut off was just too much. And, especially when she runs into Mrs. Smith, who, if you recall from the book, can't even WALK, puh-lease. Not to mention, who wants to kiss the love of their life when they are out of breath and sweaty...and in public? I didn't buy it. Having said that, I do have to say I prefer this version to the 1995 BBC version because, quite frankly, I wasn't so fond of Amanda Root as Anne. Plus, watching Captain Wentworth made this time well spent. Sometimes these Austen guys get a little lamb-choppy for me. But, even Dan had to admit Rupert Penry-Jones is hot.


Heather said...

ARGH! This was on last night wasn't it? I missed it! I should do a reread of this one though.


Emilia said...

I thoroughly agree on all counts with your irritations and delights regarding the movie. The running around thing was ridiculous. And Hello?! not only sweaty and out of breath, but kissing on the sidewalk?! In broad daylight? Scandalous!

nanamoo said...

i enjoyed the review and agree

Andi said...

I must not be much of a thinker because I couldn't stand to watch Persuasion (yes, I attempted on your behalf, but Bobby Flay's Throwdown was much more inticing), let alone even attempt to read it. I did pick up Austenland yesterday, so I'll let you know. Anyway, happy reading!

Lark said...

Totally agree with your comments. You forgot to mention Anne with her mouth open the whole time for some sort of "demure" look or something. Then with that same open mouth waiting for the kiss. Yuck. But Wentworth for sure had my vote. He made it watchable. And besides Anne's open mouth thing, she was a good actress.

Bridey said...

Hello, Tricia! I love being able to spy into the lives of long lost friends. It's good to find you again.

Tricia said...

Heather: I think you can buy it, and they might show it again.

EABS: Very scandalous.

Andi: Hope you like Austenland. And who exactly is Bobby Flay and what is his Throwdown?

Lark: Totally agree about the open mouth.

Bridey: Welcome. Glad to have found you too! Bella is a great name.