Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW Shout-Outs

This is the first year that I've celebrated Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I'm really enjoying it so far! I was thrilled that the Ning network I created for Book Bloggers in April 2008 was nominated for Best Book Club Blog. Although the network wasn't shortlisted, it has been fun just to be a part of this whole community experience.

Today I want to highlight five of the blogs that weren't shortlisted that I enjoy reading. I have over 80 book blogs in my Google Reader, and I wish I could list them all!
  • Melissa from Book Nut. This is one of the first book blogs I ever read about 2 1/2 years ago, and I never imagined there would come a day we would work on a blog post collaboratively. She has great taste in books, great recommendations, great posts, and a great heart.
  • Corinne from The Book Nest. I can't believe we've never met because I feel like we've known each other forever. Corinne has an amazing writing talent and reads an impressive array of books. But mostly, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call her 'friend'.
  • Luanne at A Bookworm's World. Luanne is one of the nicest bloggers out there. Period.
  • Jeanette at A Comfy Chair and a Good Book. Jeanette is going to have a baby girl any day now and I am so excited for her! She introduced me to D.E. Stevenson this year, and I have enjoyed those old books immensely.
  • Julie at My Own Little Corner of the World. Julie's blog is new to me as we were assigned as interview partners for BBAW (look for the interview tomorrow!). I have enjoyed getting to know her so much! Discovering new blogs and meeting bloggers like Julie is the essence of what I think BBAW should be about.


Melissa said...

Whee! Loved collaborating on a review with you, too. We should do it again!

bermudaonion said...

Great list! I can't believe I left Corinne off of mine - I love her blog!

Serena said...

Love those blogs on that list. This getting to know new blogs is fun.

Corinne said...

**GRIN** My goal in 2010 is to actually participate in BBAW :) WE MUST MEET IN REAL LIFE TIMES :)