Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where'd I Get My Books?

I thought I'd throw my two cents into this discussion currently making its way through the book-blogosphere. I had a look at the 88 books I've read this year and this is what I came up with:

Purchased: 20
Library books: 40
Mooched: 13
Review copies: 8
Gifts: 5
Borrowed: 2

My purchased books includes library book sales, used bookstores,, the Scholastic Warehouse sale, as well as the traditional Borders/B&N/Amazon books. So, they aren't all full-priced books, and I rarely buy without a coupon or sale of some sort. I must admit, I do enjoy purchasing books and supporting authors.

I'm happy that about half the books I read are library books. I'm trying to read more of what I have on my shelves, but I love the library and I have a degree in library science, so my trips to the library are never going to stop. However, I have slowed down since I finished the Support Your Local Library Challenge.

I review about a book a month for an author/publisher and for me that's a good balance. When I have too many review copies, I feel stressed. And stress and reading never mix well for me. I have five review books to read, two of which cannot be posted for another month or two.

So, overall I'd say I'm in a good place that works for me.


Booklogged said...

It does sound like you are in a good place. Finding balance is not always an easy thing to do. And it is a continual juggling act, isn't it?

I need to rein in the number of books that I'm buying. Even though I have been getting some fabulous deals, it still adds up.

Veens said...

I buy almost all my nooks. I also sometimes borrow from friends!

Good you have a good balance!

Corinne said...

sweet!! 88 books so far this year - NOT TOO SHABBY friend!!

Jeanette said...

It has been interesting to see all these posts about where people get their books from. Maybe I will have to do one myself. I am at least curious enough to look through my recent reads myself. Don't know if I'll post about it or not though. I know the vast majority comes from the library.