Friday, October 12, 2007

Father Knows Less

This book is part-memoir part-trivia. A New York Times reporter seeks to answer questions from children, including his own son, such as:
  • What happens when you eat gum?
  • Do nose hairs turn gray?
  • Is George Bush evil? Mommy says so.
He then takes these questions to an expert in the appropriate field to get the answers--making for interesting and entertaining light reading.

Personally, I skipped about half the memoir/reflective part. I couldn't care less about the author and his kid. But, I loved the questions and their answers.


Paige said...

Where did your queue list go?

I started reading the Snow Flower book but stopped because I wasn't in the mood for filling my brain with tortured relationships.

Tricia said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Snow Flower. I liked Memoirs of a Geisha better. I have no queue list because I have a stack of books waiting for me already that I'm not getting to!